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Disc brush because it contains abrasive silk brush, with grinding, polishing, deburring characteristics are widely used in various industries, Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. is a professional production of disc brush disc brush manufacturers, today let Kaida brush industry for you to introduce the main application of the disc brush!

1. Disc brush with cleaning function, can be used to clean military weapons;

2. disc brush with polishing function, can be used to hydraulic pieces of cylinder liner surface surface polished;

3. Disc brush with a polished function, can be used for carpentry, three plywood surface finishing, complex home wood pattern highlights the processing and convex surface grinding operations;

4. disc brush with deburring function, can be used to cast the surface of grinding, deep hole, related hole deburring;

5. Disk brush can also be used for copper, aluminum with coil surface finishing and so on.

The application of disc brushes is extremely extensive and is often used in the current industrial industry. Anhui disk brush manufacturers which is good? Of course, the number of Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd.. Kaida brush industry specializing in the production of disc brush, Anhui Province is the largest manufacturer of sanitation products one. Kaida brush industry mainly produces the products are: brush, sweep brush, polishing brush, welcome friends from all walks of life throughout the visit!