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The application of sanitation brush is not only reflected in the municipal sweeping car

Edit:Anhui Kaida Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-08

The application of a wide range of ringlight brush , a lot of application methods, today Kaida brush industry is to say that the ring can not only apply to the brush in the municipal sweeping, but also used in other industrial sectors.

The application of the ring cleaning brush is also reflected in the installation of industrial equipment, pipelines, doors and windows and other parts of the import and export, to prevent dust through these gaps into the drilling, pollution equipment and products, so the requirements of the brush wire is a high elasticity , Brush wire surface lubrication is better, special occasions, the best flame retardant, wear resistance, anti-static function, such as escalator safety brush is dust brush category, but its higher requirements.

Applied to the ring cleaning brush a lot of products, let Kaida brush industry for you to introduce it! Apply to the protection of the fire brush products are sweeping machine roller brush, tablet roller combination sweeping brush, drum sweeping machine brush, sweeping machine brush, box sweep brush, round sweep brush, sewage treatment brush, wash Machine brush, computer washing machine brush and so on. Sanitation car disc sweeping brush, made of high-strength plastic brush wire system, used to clean the ground dirt; washing machine with roller brush. Disc sanitation brush can be used with PP brush wire, PA wire or wire several.

Cyclone brush is the most commonly used industrial roller brush, generally used for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, fruit and vegetable cleaning and industrial general cleaning and dust removal, the requirements of the brush wire to wear a better performance, high elasticity but also anti-corrosion And aging, long time work is not easy to deformation, if the brush wire performance is not good, when a long time to place the object in a certain position will cause the brush roll groove, destruction of the use of roller brush function, serious and even can cause the whole brush Roller scrapped.

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