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Brush roll In the industrial industry is widely used, the main application and cleaning machinery, steel plate of the initial processing and deep processing, home processing industry, sanitation machinery and so on. Today, let the professional production of brush roller brush roller manufacturers - Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. to introduce you to brush the type of roller and its use.

1, nylon silk brush roller: high elasticity, high wear resistance, high temperature of the 1010 nylon silk brush roll in the food industry is very popular, because the material is non-toxic non-polluting food grade. Its high wear resistance, high temperature resistance in the textile, printing and dyeing industry is also very popular. Its high elasticity in the glass cleaning and other cleaning industry wide range of sales;

2, abrasive silk brush roller: abrasive wire to add gold and other special materials, its wear resistance even more on the nylon silk. Because of its acid, alkali and other characteristics, widely used in the early processing of steel, steel rust, galvanized steel production, steel color coating and other industries;

3, metal wire brush roller: widely used in steel, steel, painting and other industries. Widely used in West Mark, Pohang, the new iron, Austria Steel and other countries production equipment. Steel industry on the cold, hot-rolled galvanized line, Caitu line and other rolling plate transport, pickling, surface cleaning, polishing purposes;

4, sisal brush roll: because of its natural material, used for furniture sheet pretreatment rough, polished and so on. Also widely used in tiles and other uses of polishing;

5, horse brush roller: the application effect is better than ordinary brush roll, brush roller is the second development, wear and corrosion in the horse brush brush than ordinary brush.

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