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Anhui brush roll manufacturers
Anhui brush roll manufacturers
Anhui brush roll manufacturers

There are many kinds of production methods of brush roll, let Kaida brush industry for you to introduce it.

1 , direct planting hair This is the most traditional way, that is, nylon silk, abrasive wire directly planted on the roller.

Advantages: good strength, short manufacturing process cycle.

Disadvantages: high cost of hair planting, and can not be part of the replacement, is the initial helpless choice.

2 , nylon sets

Advantages: the production process is simple. Nylon silk brush roller is the main production methods.

Disadvantages: If the use of poor quality of nylon manufacturing, nylon thermal expansion and contraction will lead to nylon longer, so that both ends of the nylon roll out of the grinding roller and withstand the machine will lead to nylon sleeve burst, so that the whole sand Roll scrapped; use saddle nail planting bristles, strength is not high, easy hair removal; nylon strength is not high, can not increase the planting density and so on ... ...