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Kaida Brush of the washing machine brush its application materials selection

Edit:Anhui Kaida Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-07

With the industrial brush industry continues to expand the market, washing machine brush types are more and more, but people apply to the washing machine brush mainly for two: disc and drum type. Used in the mall on the washing machine brush mainly for the disc-type washing machine brush. Today, Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. to introduce you to the application of washing machine brush brush!

Different ground and hygiene conditions need to use different brushes, such as epoxy floor to use a soft brush, wool brush, marble floor should use a moderate hardness brush, cement floor generally use a hard brush, if the workshop has a lot of oil on the ground , This time you need to use wire brush. If the use of improper brush will not only bring damage to the ground, and the cleaning effect is not ideal, so the majority of users in the purchase of washing machine to tell the staff of your company's ground conditions and health conditions, in order to better your more goods.
The current washing machine is used for hotel hotels, park plazas, factory workshops and other places of the washing equipment. Functional, high performance, suitable for tile surface, stone floor, epoxy ground, ground surface and other hard ground surface clean.

Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. production of washing machine brush known for quality, preferential prices, and improve after-sales service for the purpose and dedication to provide our clients with the best products. Welcome to the new and old customers to inquire!