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Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of photovoltaic dedicated brush!

Edit:Anhui Kaida Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-08

Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. is located in China Brush base - Anhui source pool, is a commitment to the production of photovoltaic dedicated brush manufacturers, formerly known as buried hill County Hongxing special brush factory, renamed in 2015 For Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd., Anhui Province is the largest manufacturer of sanitation products, one of the advanced German professional brush machinery.

Since its inception, has been to the factory direct sales of the best minimum price, efficient integrity of services, bulk supply: sanitation brush, snow brush, washing machine brush , sweeping brush accessories, product quality is absolutely guaranteed, selling at home and abroad The

Kaida Brush in the quality of survival, to manage for the benefit of the business philosophy, uphold the integrity-based, customer-oriented service concept to preferential prices, and improve after-sales service for the purpose and dedication to provide our clients with the best Photovoltaic brush. Committed to the satisfaction of each customer. The company will be sincere attitude and practical style with you to work together!