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Kaida test tube brush is now widely used

Edit:Anhui Kaida Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-08

As a test tube brush for emerging brush products , Its scope of application is extremely wide, especially in some medicine or pipeline. Because the test tube brush can clean the pipe on both sides and the top, is the general cleaning class brush easily can not do. Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. today to say what the application of tube brush.

According to the situation of the workpiece selection of different materials, test tube brush, wire tube brush or copper tube test tube brush with the main application of metal pipe slot. In the hydraulic valve hole groove to deburring, cross-empty deburring, air conditioning refrigerator deburring, engine parts, mechanical processing will be applied to the test tube brush; the same time, test tube brush also applies to some cone round, cone, Type hole polishing. Spherical brush can be light and fast on a variety of shapes, sizes of cylinders, valves, lumens, pipes for the best surface treatment. Polishing brush can automatically center, automatic calibration of the hole surface of the fine uniform processing, does not affect the original workpiece accuracy and scale, easy to use, safe, economical, the effect is significant.

Of course, in the use of test tube brush need to pay attention to the use of the pressure should not be too large, if the pressure is too large, will lead to thin lines on both sides of the distortion or overheating, resulting in thin line fracture, rapid melting and reduce the life of test tube brush.

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