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Kaida sanitation sweep brush is essential for environmental protection industry

Edit:Anhui Kaida Brush Industry Co., LtdUpDate:2017-09-08

In the present to promote the environment to protect the environment, sweeping brush The application of more and more widely, sweeping brush in today's social life is very common today, let the professional production of sweeping brush Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. for your detailed description of sweeping brush.

Installed in the municipal sanitation vehicles for cleaning the streets of the disc brush or wire disc brush is the most representative of a ring of brushes. Products are sweeping machine roller brush, tablet roller combination sweeping brush, drum sweeping machine brush, sweeping machine brush, box sweep brush, round sweep brush, sewage treatment brush, washing machine brush, computer Washing machine brush and so on. Sanitation car disc sweeping brush, made of high-strength plastic brush wire, used to clean the ground dirt. Ring brush brush wire material available PP brush wire, PA wire or wire several.

Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of sponge brush, sweep brush, test tube brush and other products, Kaida Brush uphold integrity-based, customer-oriented service concept to preferential prices, and improve after-sales service for the purpose and dedication The majority of customers to provide the best products.