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Anhui polishing brush wholesale
Anhui polishing brush wholesale
Anhui polishing brush wholesale

Anhui Kaida Brush Co., Ltd. for everyone to introduce the use of polishing brush:

The polishing card in the trip proper bench drill, vertical drilling or stuck in the lathe, cross-machine, can be processed. For relatively bulky large pieces of work, can be stuck in the wind drill, hand drill on. Speed ​​depending on the size of the workpiece in the 50-100 r / min within the choice. Up and down the speed of about 30 / min or so, generally up and down to move 8 to 10 times can be repeated. Deburring polishing tool brush should be carried out in the case of rotation or moving the processing site. In the processing of the best use of light lubricants, do not use solvents. It should not be used in high temperature, dry, and high speed conditions. Deburring polishing tool brush in the choice of diameter, the processing hole is generally larger than 5 to 15% .