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Disc brush in the present life and even industrial applications are very broad, mainly for industrial parts processing, in order to obtain more exquisite results. Disc brush application mainly to sum up there are three categories, so that Kaida brush industry for you to see what three categories it!

1, satin decoration: satin decoration is the use of soft and fine polishing brush, the surface of the parts will be painted matte finish diffuse layer of the treatment process, it can make parts of the surface of non-mirror-like flashing gloss.

2, surface cleaning: the machine for a long time, they will appear on the surface of some parts of the oxide, corrosion, the old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt, this time the disc polishing brush can come in handy, of course, can also be used In the brush to the parts after the erosion of the residual floating ash.

3, remove the burr: through the brush to remove the machined part of the surface after the burr on the edge. This is also a wide range of disc polishing brushes used in industry.